Richard Satcher

Richard Satcher

Director of Commercialization

Roles & Responsibilities:

Coordinates initial market, technology, and funding assessments. Responsible for prioritization of technology objectives and composition of technology product profiles. Will lead all aspects of technology transfer and commercialization operations to ensure sustainability of MTEC through revenue streams that include royalties from patents generated, venture and/or private equity investments, commercial test agreements and other income sources.


Richard Satcher is a Senior Business Manager with RTI International. He has 20 years of broad experience in strategic planning, business development, technology assessment and commercialization, and project management. He works closely with clients to create partnerships for developing and commercializing health technologies. He has coordinated partnerships for the National Institute of Standards and Technologys Manufacturing Extension Partnership, the Department of Justices Forensic Center of Excellence, NASA, and the Gates Foundation. Ms. Satcher is the Director of Commercialization for MTEC. His roles and responsibilities are to coordinate initial market, technology, and funding assessments.