With recent, troubling spikes in a series of such harmful behaviors within the DOD, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command is now embarking on a first-of-its-kind effort to identify and prevent these behaviors before they manifest themselves in a more aggressive capacity.

“This is very much a public health initiative,” says Maj. Karmon Dyches, Military Deputy for USAMRDC’s Military Operational Medicine Research Program’s Psychological Health and Resilience Program Area, who notes the burgeoning effort – a partnership with USAMRDC’s Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium designed to encompass all service branches – will pay special attention to such hot-button issues as substance abuse, suicide and sexual assault. “It’s about education, but it’s also about the infrastructure you need to make sure the people, places and things are in place for it to continue to be successful.”

We are proud to partner in this effort to educate on, identify, and prevent harmful behaviors within the military, and increase service member readiness and performance.