Restoring Mental Health

    Readiness in Mind, USAMRDC Targets Harmful Behaviors with New Endeavor

    With recent, troubling spikes in a series of such harmful behaviors within the DOD, the U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command...

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    Improve Physical and Mental Performance With Better Sleep

    Sleep is essential to performance. Think about it: you feel and do your best when you're well rested. When you don't get...

    Bill Howell, COO of MTEC speaking with a visitor to the booth and Kim Cunningham, MTEC Director of Development poses with an MTEC member

    2018 MHSRS

    MTEC’s was excited to attend the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) 2018! You can read a summary of what we learned at...

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    MHSRS Discussions: A few things to clear up!

    Chief Operating Officers Article – Submitted by Bill Howell, with edits by Lauren Palestrini The week of MHSRS was hectic with non-stop activities,...