MTEC & BrightFocus Foundation will Jointly Fund up to $500,000 to Advance Candidate Drugs for the Treatment of Repeated Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

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BrightFocus Foundation and MTEC have come together to address a critical need in traumatic brain injury (TBI) research – repeated mild TBIs, which are common in contact sports and military settings. Repeated mTBIs have been indicated as a risk factor in developing various neurodegenerative diseases.  This work has the potential to impact service members on the front line, as well as our mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Despite numerous clinical trials on potential therapies, there is no FDA-approved drug therapy for the treatment of TBI. This co-funded work seeks to advance candidate drugs into human clinical trials that may ultimately benefit both military and civilian populations.

The open funding opportunity can be found here.