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MTEC and Fight for Sight have recently co-funded a postdoctoral award to Dr. Ganeswara Rao Musada in the laboratory of Dr. Abigail Hackam at the University of Miami’s Department of Ophthalmology for a project entitled, “Wnt5A: A Novel Regulator of Retinal Ganglion Cell (RGC) Axon Growth.” Optic nerve damage from traumatic injury may lead to irreversible blindness as a result of RGC death. The Wnt family of molecules are widely known for their role in promoting survival and growth of nerve cells. This research is focused on defining the role of Wnt signaling mechanisms in RGC axon growth in the context of optic nerve injury. These data will hopefully lead to the development of novel treatments for optic nerve regeneration. This is the latest chapter in MTEC’s commitment to vision research, and potentially advancing medical solutions that treat our service members affected by traumatic eye injuries.