MTEC Webinar Series

The 2021 MTEC Webinar Series will provide monthly events to help our members learn about a broad array of topics to help them develop and commercialize their technology. We will include a 4-part series on how to work with our military. Other parts in the series will include insight on how best to manage an award, how to negotiate agreements, and how to get on the procurement list. We will also cover cybersecurity, investment preparation, regulatory and exit strategies.

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January 26th

Understanding the Military Customer Part 1: What does a good proposal look like?

What is the military looking for in proposals and how do you put together a strong one? Key challenges among proposers and key factors for determining success.

February 23rd


Federal Marketplace Update – “CUI, NIST and CMMC”

April 14th

Collaboration Opportunities with Military Laboratories:

Showcase of several military laboratories with opportunities for collaboration with the MTEC network.

May 19th, 1pm ET

Understanding the Military Customer Part 2: Cost Proposals and Contracts Management

Understanding cost requirements for proposals is critical for a successful application to MTEC. The May MTEC Educational webinar will review common challenges and frequently asked questions from proposers. We will also discuss contracts management from the perspective of the Government Agreements Officer/Army Contracting Shop and MTEC, describe the difference between the base agreement and the Research Project Award, and review some of the key agreement clauses.

June 22nd, 1pm ET

An Introduction to Medical Technology Investment

Spend an hour with three active early stage investors as they discuss today’s investment environment and what they are looking for when they meet with entrepreneurs seeking capital. Learn the characteristics that make for a compelling investment, with examples from deals they’ve recently completed. Hear about how they think about risks related to regulatory approval and payment along with the unique things to consider when approaching angels, VC’s and corporate venture capital. We’ll share tips and red flags, discuss how their investing has been affected by the pandemic, and hear opinions on paths to liquidity like M&A, SPAC’s, and IPO’s. Most importantly, we’ll have time for your questions.

July 20th, 1pm ET

Sourcing Smart, Non-dilutive Capital

Financial support for research and development flows from many sources – federal government, businesses, academia, nonprofit foundations and organizations, and interested individual donors.  The processes of government and businesses can be transparent.  The processes of foundations and philanthropy often are not.  This webinar will lift the veil on sources of private support for R&D.  What does R & D philanthropy in the U.S. look like?  How much funding is there, and for what?  What are the most recent trends in how foundations look at partnerships and at impact?  How does philanthropic funding differ from federal research funding?  How can you access it?  It will also discuss the ways in which MTEC founding member Changing Our World is working with MTEC to develop relationships in the foundation and nonprofit space that can benefit MTEC members.

August 4th, 1pm ET

JLabs Spotlight Webinar

If you are looking to learn more about the Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS (‘JLABS’) model, our areas of interest, our newest locations (JLABS @ Washington, DC), BLUE KNIGHT™, QuickFire Challenges and how to apply, join us for a “Learn about JLABS” session just for the MTEC community!

Growing to 13 sites across the globe, JLABS now has a portfolio of over 730+ companies. JLABS offers emerging life science companies modular lab units, office space, shared core laboratory equipment and business facilities. It also links the entrepreneurs with the full breadth of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, including opportunities for funding, third-party services, educational events and provides access to R&D experts from medical technology, consumer healthcare product and Janssen pharmaceutical teams.

Through Blue Knight, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS is collaborating with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), a component of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This collaboration aims to stimulate innovation and incubation of technologies that improve health security and response through companies focused on public health threats and emerging infectious diseases.

Blue Knight provides selected companies with an opportunity to receive unique benefits, including access to JLABS, dedicated mentorship from BARDA in addition to mentorship from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, and access to dedicated equipment at the hub location at JLABS @ Washington, DC.

Dave Hood, Senior Advisor, MTEC, President & CEO at DH3 & Associates  

Brittany Trelly, Senior Business Development Operations Manager, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS
Rachel Rath, BARDA Alliance, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS
Michael Nestor, Scientific Engagement Lead, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS

August 11th, 1pm ET

How to Pitch to MRDC

Pitching to the military requires focused awareness of the specific problem being addressed, why the problem is important TODAY, how the solution will alleviate the challenge facing the military, and how the solution (product) would be implemented. Complicating this is the desire for a dual market solution that benefits both military and civilians (must also therefore describe the Civilian need and market).

With MHSRS approaching in late August, this webinar will help inform members on creating material that resonates with military interest/requirements while including a dual use focus will be critical to successful engagements:

  • Constructing an effective one-minute elevator pitch
  • Developing an informative one page leave behind
  • Crafting a 10 slide, 10 minute presentation that resonates with military interest/requirements while including a dual use focus will be critical to successful engagements

Dr. (COL, Retired) Ken Bertram, Senior Advisor, MTEC, former Principal Assistant for Acquisition, MRDC

• Dr. (COL, Retired) Frazier Glenn, former Principal Assistants for Research and Technology at MRDC
• Sara Langdon, Program Manager, U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command (USAMRDC)
• Dr. George Ludwig, former Principal Assistants for Research and Technology at MRDC
• Dr. (COL, Retired) Russ Coleman, former Director, Medical Countermeasures Systems

September 1st, 1pm ET

Introduction to govmates

In partnership with govmates, ATI has launched the Innovation Resource Hub to provide you access to the critical tools you need to thrive. We understand the needs of non-traditional defense contractors, and we’ve built an ecosystem of resources to help you succeed.

This valuable program is offered at no cost to ATI consortium members, including the Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium.

September 8th, 1pm ET

M-Corps Showcase: Greenlight Guru

Medical device startups have a pile of things to address, often pushing a quality system to the back burner in favor of activities that are perceived to add more value and meaning to the startup.

However, ignoring a quality system entirely until after development is complete and the product is launched is not a good idea. Join the Greenlight Guru team to discuss the quality “musts” to get a device to market faster with less risk.

Moderator: Natalie Boone, Partner Account Manager

• Connor Remaley, Director of Global Partnerships
• Wade Schroeder, Senior Medical Device Guru

September 15th, 1pm ET

MedTech Pricing and Reimbursement Strategies

Pricing and reimbursement for medical products is among the highest priorities for an experienced investor. Most early stage entrepreneurs do not include these strategies or a discussion about evidence generation requirements in their presentations. This webinar will describe ways to approach a sound strategy that enables productive discussions with investors and partners.

September 22nd, 1pm ET

LAB SPOTLIGHT: How the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) Helps Accelerate Upstream Medical Device Innovation with Regulatory Science Tools 

As the breadth of technology increases linearly, early-stage innovators face unique technical challenges. Many of them deal with emerging medical technologies that may have no precedent for assessing safety and effectiveness. This means they may have to develop their own ad-hoc testing methods, which is not their specialty. This is time-sensitive and capital-intensive. And they’re doing this at the same time that they are focusing on product innovation.

Promoting public health is the mission of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). For the agency’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), this mission means facilitating medical device innovation and accelerating upstream pre-competitive innovation. CDRH and its research arm, the Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories (OSEL), foster innovation by providing innovators with Regulatory Science Tools to help develop and assess technologies that can spin out multiple products. By allowing early-stage innovators and startups to then focus on the development of the product, they can more easily:
• Design safety and effectiveness into a product at an early stage
• De-risk the early development both accelerating progress and the potential for continued investment at critical stages.

This talk will share insights on how the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health helps accelerate upstream medical device innovation through the development of a common toolset to assist with development and assessment emerging medical technologies. It will also offer an opportunity for discussion on means to promote collaborative problem solving across industry and academia.


Dorn Carranza, PhD MBA
Director of Partnership and Innovation
Office Of Science and Engineering Laboratories (OSEL)
Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)
U.S. Food and Drug Administration


October 6th, 1pm ET

M-Corps Showcase Webinar: Grant Engine


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October 13th, 1pm ET

MTEC Educational Webinar: Regulatory Strategy

October 19th, 1pm ET

Spotlight Series Webinar: The University of Pittsburgh and the Center for Military Medicine Research

November 3rd, 1pm ET

M-Corps Showcase: Proxima

November 10th, 1pm ET

Educational Webinar: Strategies for MedTech Business Development 

This webinar is focused on business development for a medical company with products in development.  We will cover the Dos and Donts and provide some insight into useful tools that can make a difference in the outcomes.  As well, we will cover the business development activities that occur in establishing the product manufacturing, strategic partnerships, and the sell side of the product based on the model selected.

December 1st, 1pm ET


December 8th, 1pm ET

Educational webinar: GSA scheduling

December (TBD)

Chasing Unicorns and Zebras: How to Create Inflection Points of Value for Your Start-up Exit

Desirable attributes of technology offering and start-up that make an acquisition by an acquiring entity.


Regulatory Strategy 

Regulatory strategy and required interactions with the FDA for devices, drugs, and biologics; Risk assessments that lead to regulatory plan development.