Sourcing Smart, Non-dilutive Capital

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Sourcing Smart, Non-dilutive Capital

July 20, 2021


1:00 pm

2:00 pm





Sourcing Smart, Non-dilutive Capital

July 20, 2021 – 1 – 2pm EST

Financial support for research and development flows from many sources – federal government, businesses, academia, nonprofit foundations and organizations, and interested individual donors.  The processes of government and businesses can be transparent.  The processes of foundations and philanthropy often are not.  This webinar will lift the veil on sources of private support for R&D.  What does R & D philanthropy in the U.S. look like?  How much funding is there, and for what?  What are the most recent trends in how foundations look at partnerships and at impact?  How does philanthropic funding differ from federal research funding?  How can you access it?  It will also discuss the ways in which MTEC founding member Changing Our World is working with MTEC to develop relationships in the foundation and nonprofit space that can benefit MTEC members.


Susan Raymond, MTEC Director of Strategic Funding, Senior Advisor at Changing Our World

Kate Golden, Senior Managing Director at Changing Our World

Chandan Sen, PhD, Director, Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine and Engineering

Diane Bovenkamp, PhD, Vice President, Scientific Affairs, BrightFocus Foundation

Katie Cronen, Senior Vice President, maslansky + partners

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