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Governing Documents

Accepting and Managing Contributions
Original October 2, 2015

Conflict of Interest Policy
Revised June 29, 2017

Consortium Member Agreement (CMA)
Revised April 1, 2021

MTEC Membership Application
Revised August 21, 2020

MTEC Base Agreement

MTEC Bylaws
Revised September 8, 2021

Nominating Committee Policy and Procedures V.2
Revised March 27, 2017

MTEC Annual Reports

MTEC 2020 Annual Report
MTEC 2019 Annual Report
MTEC 2018 Annual Report
MTEC 2017 Annual Report


Other Transactions Guide for Prototype Projects

A prototype project can generally be described as a preliminary pilot, test, evaluation, demonstration, or agile development activity used to evaluate the technical or manufacturing feasibility or military utility of a particular technology, process, concept, end item, effect, or other discrete feature. Prototype projects may include systems, subsystems, components, materials, methodology, technology, or processes.


pOTA Guide (November 2018)

Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) Definitions

Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) for most proposed projects must be identified and included with the Technical Proposal. TRL definitions are provided here.

Knowledge Readiness Levels (KRLs)

To assist the U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) in making investment decisions, RAND researchers developed knowledge readiness levels (KRLs) for use across different lines of health research. Learn more about KRLs here.


MTEC Assessment FAQs


Inclusion Enrollment Report


MTEC Collaboration Database How-to: Setup Your Member Profile

How-to guide for setting up your Member Profile in the MTEC Collaboration Database can be found here.

One Pagers

MTEC Overview One-Pager
Revised September 27, 2016

MTEC Membership Benefits

MTEC Trifold

Regenerative Medicine

Vision Restoration & Rehabilitation

Combat Casualty Care Program

Infectious Disease Program