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mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI)
MTEC 20-16-mTBI:
USAMRDC HERE Learn more about discounts and register MTEC is partnering with Livestream The Virtual MedTech Conference, Powered by AvaMed Sept 8 - Oct 23, 2020 October 5-7, 2020 On Demand and Partnering This partnership enables members to showcase technologies and participate in their upcoming virtual MedTech Conference. Coronavirus COVID-19 COVID-19 PANDEMIC The MTEC is being employed to source new solicitations for technologies that can support the military’s response to the • 20-09-COVID-19 Development of Treatments for COVID-19 MTEC is currently working to award projects for the following RPPs: Support for tele-critical care and data visualization solutions to support local, regional and ultimately national COVID-19 care and situational awareness. Develop a wearable diagnostic capability for the pre-/very early symptomatic detection of COVID-19 infection. Treatments with potential application to the prevention of COVID-19 infection and therapeutics that can be administered in a non-hospital environment. • 20-10-COVID-19_NETCCN “National Emergency Telecritical Care Network (NETCCN)” • 20-12-COVID-19_Diagnostics Wearable Diagnostic for Detection of COVID-19 Infection (These solicitations are closed and MTEC is no longer accepting submissions) A GLOBAL ISSUE
The Covid 19 pandemic is a reminder to all of us that research and funding is vital to finding solutions to medical issues. Here at MTEC, we applaud all the efforts of our members as you work day and night to bring your innovative medical products and solutions across the finish line. Let’s assist in providing the funding necessary to get these potential products to humans - Donate, if you can.
QUICK, COLLABORATIVE MEDICINE Learn How OTAs are charting a new path to make sure warfighters in the future fight get innovative care.



MTEC released a pre-announcement for Warfighter Brain Health (WBH): Late and Long-Term Consequences of Head Impact Exposure and Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) on Brain Health. For more information visit the Upcoming Solicitations page  [learn more]

The MedTech Virtual Conference: On demand Partnering September 8- Oct 23, 2020; Livestream October 5-7, 2020

MTEC is partnering with AdvaMed, enabling members to showcase technologies and participate in their upcoming virtual MedTech Conference.  [learn more]


-August 2020-
Universal Media Supports Cells Derived from 10 Different Tissue Types [learn more]


Your donation helps us enhance healing and return the wounded to fully functioning lives.


MTEC seeks medical researchers and technologists to help our warfighters and veterans.

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devastating decade

The past decade has been hard for service members. Technology offers solutions to make things better for them. We’re determined to see that it does. We need your help.


blast-related eye injuries


lost at least one limb


suffer from severe brain injury


MTEC research is concentrated on areas of medicine that make the wounded whole again. Examples include sight restoration and regenerative medicine.

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