21-11-NDMS Teaming Opportunities

Team/Partner Opportunities 21-06-MPAI ''Military-Civilian National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Interoperability Study (MCNIS) Pilot Program''

MTEC encourages teaming and collaboration to strengthen project proposals, such as for the 21-11-NDMS (RPP) “Military-Civilian National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Interoperability Study (MCNIS) Pilot Program. While teaming is not required, it can present distinguishing advantages to offerors and, potentially, to the Government as well.

MTEC is offering 4 ways to facilitate teaming related to the 21-11-NDMS RPP:

MTEC Public-facing Webpage

MTEC has launched a webpage on the MTEC public website specific to this RPP to help MTEC member organizations team with others in preparation for submission of Enhanced White Papers.

MTEC Member Connect

MTEC will host a virtual “connect” session on Friday, May 7th at 11 am Eastern Time via webinar to help the membership collaborate and partner in relation to 21-11-NDMS RPP. Each organization will be allotted 1-2 mins to present using a standard 1-slide format. Your comments can be focused on whatever you think would most benefit you in relation to the NDMS RPP, for example, seeking a partner or offering a capability. There will be contact info on each slide so that you can follow-up directly with whomever you would like. Both MTEC members and non-members are invited to present and/or listen in.

LinkedIn Group

This is a professional teaming discussion group specific to the 21-11-NDMS Request for Project Proposals. MTEC has created this LinkedIn Group to serve as a platform to discuss teaming needs and capabilities that address all requirements in the RPP. To join the Teaming for MTEC National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) Pilot Program (“Pilot”) LinkedIn group, open the hyperlink (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13967421/) and select “request to join”. Once an admin approves your request, you will receive a LinkedIn notification that you are able to view and participate in the conversation. If you know anyone who could find value in this group, please share the URL with them. You do not have to be an MTEC member to participate in this discussion.

Collaboration Database Tool

MTEC members are encouraged to use the MTEC Database Collaboration Tool. The purpose of the tool is to help MTEC member organizations identify potential teaming partners by providing a quick and easy way to search the membership for specific technology capabilities, collaboration interest, core business areas/focus, Research and Development (R&D) highlights/projects, and technical expertise. The Primary Point of Contact for each member organization is provided access to the collaboration database tool to make edits and populate their organization’s profile. The Collaboration Database can be accessed via the “MTEC Profiles Site” tab on the MTEC members-only website.